Wednesday, November 6, 2013

LP Kloy ~ Wat Pukowthong - Revisited In Year 2013 & I Was Attended The Blessing Ceremony For New HoonPaYon Amulets (Part 2).

I revisited Wat Pukowthong on 29th Oct 2013 for attended the blessing ceremony of new HoonPaYon amulets by LP Kloy, had its Putthapisek blessing ceremony on Tuesday 29th Oct at Ubosot of Wat Pukalthong. The ceremony started at 2pm which is seen as perhaps the most powerful time for an empowerment blessing ceremony for this batch HoonPaYon.
 Here is the Ubosot of Wat PukalThong with the boxes of new amulets. The boxes was bound with thread and at top side with the sacred White Cloth of Big Phayant.
 The white ajahn making the candle ready for the ceremony and others.
 The Sangha monks were occupied the seat and the ceremony will starting in a while.
 Photo taken at the opening ceremony. Many Top monks joined the blessing ceremony included LP Kloy, LP Uthai, LP Phrom and others.
 The opening blessing ceremony was to pay respect for Lord Buddha and invited the Devas, Devata, Brahmas and Lersi HooPaYon in the Heavenly Realm to come down and be witnesses to help in the empowerment for the amulets.
  After opening chanted, the ligthing candle supervised by LP Kloy.
 The empowerment ceremony continued for over 2 hours.
The sangha was present to preside over the chanting for the second part. 
 The ceremony near ending and top monks splashing the Holy Water and flowers to the new HoonPaYon amulets. 
 The photo taken with many top monks.
Finally blessing ceremony end around 4.30pm of late afternoon. 
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