Sunday, November 10, 2013

Wat PradooChimPlee ~ The Temple Of Sacred Phra Pidta By LP Toh In Thonburi Of Thailand.

 We visited Bangkok many times and therefore we eager to visiting the other side of Bangkok, the 'sister' city of Thonburi. In here, also well know as 'Venice Of The East' because the City lives on its canals as much as its streets. This time I will visiting the temple Wat PradooChimPlee also located next to canal of Thonburi city.
The living boat and canal, next to Sala building of Wat PradooChimPlee.
 The temple Wat PradooChimPlee, the main sala building.
 The photos taken inside the Sala building.
 The portrait of late LP Toh on the altar. The officially name of LP Toh is Chao Khun Prarachsangwara Bhimonda.
 The statue of LP Toh, he was a dedicated and merciful monk and highly respected by the local devotees. He learnt many magic wicha and dhamma from Top monks included LP Sod, LP Parn, LP Chong, LP Roong and mony others. During he monkhoods, LP Toh created many Powerful Phra Pidta amulets and also participated many Great ceremony included Phra Somdej LP Pae BE2494, Sutthawas 25 Phra Leela BE2500, Phra Somdej BangKhunProm BE2509, Phra Somdej Roypi Wat Rakhang BE2515 and many many more. LP Toh passed away in year BE2524 March 5th at age of 93 years old.
 The remains Relic of LP Toh.
 The sacred Phra Cinnaraj statue inside the Sala.
 The portrait of HM Thai King at Wat Pradoochimple for blessing amulets ceremony in year BE2524.
 The photos taken with LP Umai, the current abbot of Wat PradooChimPlee.
 LP Umai and the photos taken for the ceremony hold at Wat PradooChimplee.
 The shrine of King Thaksin The Great, King Of Thonburi.
 The Chedi mondop with Phra Buddha venerated inside.
 The small Vihara and some old statue Phra Buddha.
Behind the Chedi mondop was located the Old Ubosot and Old Sema Stone of Wat PradooChimPlee.
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