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Wat Chedi Luang ~ The Historials Temple In Chiang Saen - Thailand.

I just went visited many temples of Chiang Saen, district of Chiang Rai province, the Nortern part of Thailand. Chiang Saen also famed by the first Phra Buddha Chiang Saen arrived to Thailand in ancient time and many ruins temple and historials temple also located in Chiang Saen. Trip to Chiang Rai province would not be complete without seeing the notorious Golden Triangle first hand at Chiang Saen. This famed border location where Thailand, Laos and Myanmar meet on the Mekong River was once supposed to be the center of all the poppy cultivation in Thailand.
 Boats can be hired from Chiang Saen to travel upstream to the Golden Triangle, and downstream to Chiang Khong.
 Wat Chedi Luang is mean 'Royal Stupa Temple', this ruin temple is important historials temple in Chiang Saen. According to the chronicles, 3 years after the completion of the city wall of Chiang Saen, King Saen-Phu ordered construction of Wat Chedi Luang in year 1291.
The main Chedi of Wat Chedi Luang has an Octagonal base with superimposed platforms up to Bell shape in the Lanna style of construction. It is known to be largest and highest Chedi in Chiang Saen, 88 meter high. Within the temple compound area, there are also remains of a Vihara, a few minor Chedis and entrance gate with an arch structure overhead.
 The temple compound and the huge bodhi tree.
 The octagonal Chedi, 88 meter high.
 The remains chedis and wall of entrance gate.
 Photo taken with the Octagonal Chedi. This is one of the leaning Chedi in Chiang Saen. All chedis in Chiang Saen is to bend or slant away from the vertical because the effect of earthquake in the past.
 The main Vihara, veneration of the Chiang Saen Buddha statue.
The surrounding view of the Vihara.

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