Sunday, October 14, 2012

Meeting PhraKru PhaLat ~ Wat Kae In SuphanBuri - Thailand (Part 2).

After posted the Khum Khun Paen (part 1) and this time is turn to Wat Kae with the famous Wasp statues, Khun Paen amulets, houses special antiques and Lord Buddha’s footprints called “Phra Phutthabat Si Roi”.
 Here is the grand view of Wat Kae, from left - Bell Tower, House of Museum, Buddha's Footprints Shrine and Shrine of Khun Paen general with his son GumanThong.
 The statues of general Khun Paen, his son GumanThong and past abbot.
 The grand view of huge Tamarind tree, which is around a thousand years old. Next to Khum Khun Paen house.
The banner of new Khun Paen amulet was released with Wasp images. 
 The temple shrine of Lord Buddha’s footprints called “Phra Phutthabat Si Roi”.
The amulets counter of Wat Kae.
 The Buddha's statues of 7 days.
 The Giant Wasp statue and it nest.
 The river at the back side of Wat Kae.
 The old Vihara and Chedis.
 The main Ubosot of Wat Kae and veneration of main Phra Buddha statue.
 The temple's hall building.
 The veneration of Phra Buddha statues and Phra Narai Song Krut statue in 'forest' surrounding.
 The photo taken with Wat Kae abbot, PhraKru Phalat.
Inside the temple's museum were placed a lot of special antiques, Lersi heads, sacred Relic and others. 
 The old style of reclining Buddha statue.
The old Tibetan Jambala statue.
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