Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Meeting LP SaiThong Of Wat Bot At Penang Malaysia.

Luang Phor SaiThong ~ Wat Bot of Ayutthaya province - was came to Penang to met the devotees there in year BE2555. I grab this opportunity to met LP SaiThong to seeking his blessing.
 LP SaiThong is one of the famous master to created Powerful Phra Phrom amulets, variety Takruts of Maha Nang-Ngap, Maha Prom, Maha Jakapat and others. LP SaiThong is direct disciple of LP Doo and LP See of Wat Sakae. LP Doo is famous to created Phra Phrom, Takruts and created Powerful protection of LP Thuad amulets. The local people are ensured that LP Doo was a reincarnation of LP Thuad. Nowadays, many people come to seek LP SaiThong for his powerful amulets that learnt from LP Doo.
 LP SaiThong's Hand Write sacred Yant on the amulets.
 The Super Rare 12' inch Jindamanee Maha NangGapTakruts, made 20pcs only and Hand Write Yant by LP SaiThong himself. 
 LP SaiThong deep consecrated the amulets and takruts of I obtained.
Photos taken with LP SaiThong and me.
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