Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ajahn Morn Led The Ceremony For New Amulets Blessing At Wat Thak Chin BE 2555.

All the photos taken here are belongs to my friend. Thanks him for these sharing. We would like to present the new amulets released by Ajahn Morn at Wat Thak Chin, Trang province, in year BE 2555. Ajahn Morn is one of the best known in present day who is a guru master of unique UFO amulets style. This is Super Grand ceremony with a lot of preparation for the event and deep consecration for sacred amulets by Ajahn Morn. 
 The main Ubosot of Wat Thak Chin of Trang province. The current abbot is LP Ruang and he also learnt from 'magic school' from Wat Kao Or during his young mookhood.
 The Super well prepared the leaf craft of Origami that cost a lot of money. Very Super Grand ceremony.
 The stairs of offering is getting ready for the night blessing.
 The new sacred amulets of Ajahn Morn.
 The Fireworks devices for this ceremony.
 Photos taken of Ajahn Deng and Ajahn Morn for the ceremony started.
 The deep consecration from Top monks of Ajahn Morn, Ajahn Deng, LP Ruang and others. Finally Ajahn Morn make the offering for the Deity Heavenly Realm.
The Fireworks over Wat Thak Chin during the ceremony and took more than half of hour.
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