Sunday, July 15, 2012

Meeting Ajahn Nikom Of Samnak In SuphanBuri - Thailand.

I was visited and met the famous White Robe Ajahn Nikom on my currently trip to SuphanBuri. Many people queue up to met Ajahn Nikom for consultation.
Ajahn Nikom is well known for his efficacious amulets and his powerful abilities.
 The amulets counter.
 The main altar inside the Ajahn Nikom samnak house.
 The GumanThong's altar.
Veneration of Master LP Put - Wat  Klang Bang Phra. See more LP Put temple at :
 Close view of the main altar.
 Photos taken with Ajahn Nikom.
Ajahn Nikom applying the sacred Yant on the amulets that I obtained and reblessing again to transfer energy into the amulets.
See more Ajahn Nikom's amulets at :
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