Saturday, June 16, 2012

Meeting LP KhaMen Of Wat Soon ThuDong (Korat) In Penang.

LP KhaMen of Wat Soon Thudong is famed for his magic Holy Oil. At 10 years old, he almost dead because of uncommon suffered physical illness. After surprisingly cured by his father who's local native Herb doctor, LP Khamen became a novice monk at 11 years old. He studied many Buddhism doctrines and magic. After became a monk at 22 years old, he went to Tudong in deep jungle to further gained knowledge of Herb and until now, LP KhaMen never fall sick again.
The local newspaper published the article of LP KhaMen.
 The ceremony is started after chanted with filled up the sacred Herb and oil inside the boiled bowl.
 After all set up, LP KhaMen sat inside the big bowl and started chanted. The Holy Herb and Oil became hot and LP KhaMen took all the Phayant to soaked with the Holy Herb Oil. This process took quite long and LP Khamen chanted the mantra from started till end of the ceremony. He finally walk out the bowl after mantras were finished to chanted.
The Takrut KongKaPan NangSer with the Testimonials by LP KhaMen on the devotees.
 Photo taken after end of ceremony.
Photos taken with LP KhaMen.
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