Friday, October 18, 2019

Visiting LopBuri - Wat Pa Thamma Sophon - PhrakruPhawanasophon - LopBuri - Thailand.

In LopBuri town city, Wat Pa Thamma Sophon is a must visit (not far from town). Here is temple with famous Angel Days Deity and sacred Yants. Current abbot is LP Sophon with title Phrakru Phawanasophon. He was away during my visited here. Below we see more photos for temple Wat Pa Thamma Sophon.
 The main entrance of temple Wat Pa Thamma Sophon.
 The small shrine for Phra Sivali venerated at entrance.
 The huge tent at the center compound area with Golden Chedi and many statues venerated inside. Included Phra Srisuttho Naga, Mercy Guan Yin, Phra Lersi and Phra Buddha statues.
 Shrine for Phra Narai Song Krut.
 The building for amulet counter.
 Selfie inside the amulet counter of Wat Pa Thamma Sophon.
The main Ubosot and main altar for Phra Golden Buddha. Photo taken inside the Ubosot with main Phra Buddha statue.
 The sacred Phra Cinnaraj and many other small Phra Buddha statues.
 Selfie with Golden Chedi of Wat Pa Thamma Sophon.
 The kuti for Chaowat (LP Sophon) of Wat Pa Thamma Sophon. He was away during my visited.
 Another small shrine for Phra Buddha statue.
The building hall for Crematorium and the crematorium itself.
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