Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Visited Wat GrenGaThin - Temple Of LP Pian - The Sacred Golden Pagoda Chedi - LopBuri - Thailand (Part: 2/3).

In part 2/3, we see more photos for temple Wat GrenGaThin and unique Golden Pagoda Chedi. This sacred Golden Pagoda Chedi is house of Buddha's Relic.
Revered monk Luang Phor Pian died aged 90 on November 16 in year BE2560 after succumbing to illness in a hospital in Thailand’s capital of Bangkok. Originally from Cambodia, LP Pian spent the majority of his life serving as a well-known spiritual and Buddhist guru in the central Thailand province of Lopburi, where his body was returned to following death. In his life, LP Pian had develop Wat GrenGaThin and Wat ThaKlong.
 The temple gate of Wat GrenGaThin.
 The wiharn building and surrounding view.
 Photo taken with sacred Golden Pagoda Chedi, house of Buddha's relic.
 The beautiful Art of Mural and sacred Chedi inside the Pagoda with contained sacred Buddha's relic.
 Photo taken inside the Pagoda Chedi.
 The sacred main Ubosot of Wat GrenGaThin.
 The sacred 'mirror' shrine of many Phra Buddha statues and LP Pian statue.
Photo taken inside the 'mirror' Shrine.
The spirit house of Mae Takian.
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