Friday, December 2, 2016

Revisited BE2559 In The Rainy Day ~ LP Phrom Of Wat Bansuan - Phatthalung - Thailand.

This year Loy Krathong falls in November and usually with many rainy days in this month. Today we will sharing the photos of wet day at Wat Bansuan.
 Here the new batch Mitmor from temple Wat Bansuan and consecrated blessed by LP Phrom.
 The small shrine located just in front of amulet counter.
 The sacred Ubosot of Wat Bansuan.
 The amulet counter.
 The sacred Big Chedi at top and sala at below.
 Photo taken with LP Phrom in year BE2559.
 Received the Holy Water Bowl ~ BatNammon.
 The temple surrounding and the Bell Tower of Wat Bansuan.
 After obtained amulets from LP Phrom, the sky became dark and it started to rain, i walked to Ubosot in wet. Far from other side we can saw the construction new crematorium building.
 The beautiful icon of Red Pillar Asoka Lion with Dhammacakra at top.
 The ground floor of the Ubosot and the main altar.
 The sacred Chedi.
 The beautiful of Mural painting with image og previous abbot Phra Ajahn Khong.
 The sky was pouring with heavy rain.
The new Hall building in progress.
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