Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Revisited BE2557 ~ LP Phrom Of Wat Bansuan - Phatthalung - Thailand.

I realized in my vault have many not posting yet and not sharing yet the photos of my temple journey. Here is one of them, revisited Wat Bansuan BE2557.
LP Phrom - Abbot of Wat Bansuan, LP Phrom is successor from LP Khong - one of the Top Monks of Southern Thailand. LP Phrom is learnt all magic from LP Khong and also learnt from Samnak Wat KaoOr magic school of Southern Thailand. LP Phrom now is one of the Top Monks in Southern Thailand and famous to created Powerful amulets all the time.
The main Chedi and small shrine for Phra Buddha and LP Thuad statues.
The main sala building below the sacred Chedi at top.
The new batch LP Thuad during the year BE2557.
The temple Wat Bansuan amulets counter.
The building Hall.
The temple Ubosot.
One of the Pillar Asoka Lion with Dhammacakra at top.
The sacred Phra Phrom shrine.
The main altar inside the sala.
The art of elephants images.
Taken photo with LP Phrom.
The temple surrounding area.
The last view for Wat Bansuan before continue to visiting other temple.
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