Monday, November 28, 2016

LP Prasoot Of Wat NaiTao & Cave Phra Puttha Gosi ~ Trang - Thailand (Part 2/2).

In cave Phra Puttha Gosi is peace and this place very religious and have a strong aura. Many Grand ceremonies were conducted here because of the strong aura and is a good religious place. This part 2, we'll share photos inside the cave and with LP Prasoot.
LP Prasoot was born BE2508 in Trang province and got ordained as a Buddhist monk when he was 21 years old at Wat HuayYot in his hometown. At temple Wat Huay Yot, LP Prasoot learnt about Wicha and practice meditation during pilgrimage (Tudong) and met many master monk. He went “Tudong” alone and met Kruba Murah, LP Samrit and LP Sawai with studied the art of making efficacious amulets. After a pilgrimage, he has good meditation skill and good in amulet consecration blessing. Now LP Prasoot is the current abbot of Wat NaiTao after succession from his master LP Sang (previous abbot), who's has deep knowledge of Visha and is highly respected in South of Thailand. LP Prasoot also mastered Wicha from Wat Kao Or and developed to created Powerful amulets. He is mastered a lot of metta and wicha.
First photo at entrance.
The reclining Phra Buddha statue.
Photo taken with LP Prasoot.
LP Prasoot write the sacred Yants on the Tiger bucha.
LP Prasoot blessed again for the amulets.
The altar for past abbot of Wat NaiTao.
The main altar for Phra Buddha statues.
The small pond for fish.
The sacred Phra Lersi with Nok head.
As Thailand mourns the loss of King Bhumibol Adulyade, altar with picture of late Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej was set up for us to pay respect and condolences. His Majesty King Bhumibol’s passing brings profound grief to the people of Thailand. We offer sincere and heartfelt condolences to the grieving people of Thailand.
The 'gong' and many Phra Buddha statues veneration inside part of cave Phra Puttha Gosi.
Another side with stairway to outside.
Very sacred and beautiful Golden Phra Lersi statue.
Local devotees seek LP Prasoot blessing.
The pictures and amulet counter at Wat NaiTao.

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