Sunday, October 16, 2016

Wat ThaSung ~ LP Ruesi LingDam - Phra Wiharn Kaew (Crystal Temple) ~ Uthai Thani Of Thailand (Part 3/3).

In noon we got start and was really glad to be able to visit Wat ThaSung (Wat Chantharam) which is one of the beautiful temple in Thailand. Its importance to Thai people and the beauty of several of its buildings is Absolutely Magnificent.
Beside the beauty of the temple, another more interesting subject knowledge of The Rich Katha (by LP Parn) was extended to Enhancedd Rich Katha by LP Ruesi LingDam. Even LP Ruesi LingDam had practiced ultra Dhamma, he still meditatively chanted the Extended or Enhanced Rich Katha with great results. The money flowed from every directions to the temple more than enough for construction projects. Meanwhile LP Lue Sie Lingdam had been teaching this great Rich Katha to his disciples and people, many and many of them became richer and richer and able to donate a large sum of money to the temple for construction and good purpose and good metta and good merit.
 The main entrance for Phra Wiharn Kaew, also known as Crystal Temple or Glass Temple. This sacred Wiharn also the last resting place of LP Ruesi LingDam as his undecayed body is kept in a perspex coffin.
 Some boards for temple information were put along the hall inside front part of the Phra Wiharn Kaew.
 One of the Sparkly Crystal Phra Buddha statue.
 End the Hall was venerated the big Golden Phra Buddha.
 The board for info of main attraction inside the Phra Wiharn Kaew.
The photo taken inside the Phra Wiharn Kaew and the sparkly surrounding due to all crystal, mirror and glass inside the hall that reflect all the light. At the far end of this building you can just make out the golden Phra Buddha image which is a replica of the famous Phra Phuttha Cinnaraj.
 More close view of the beautiful and the famous Phra Phuttha Cinnaraj statue.
 The wall of both side and it surrounding.
 The statue of LP Ruesi LingDam.
The resting place of LP Ruesi LingDam as his undecayed body is kept in a perspex coffin.
 The photo taken with portrait and undecayed body of LP Ruesi LingDam.
 The stunning and beautiful decoration.
 The waiting area for monks after the chanting ceremony was end.
The main door for the Phra Wiharn Kaew.
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