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Absolutely Magnificent Mirror Mosaics Of Wat ThaSung ~ LP Ruesi LingDam - Uthai Thani Of Thailand (Part 1/3).

Wat ThaSung, located at Amphoe Muang of Uthai Thani was built in the Ayutthaya period with only a small temple on the ground. Later years with restoration took place with many interesting additions included murals inside the temple painted by local craftsmen depicting the story of Phra Buddha and a square structure with four arches and a pyramid shaped roof which houses a replica of a Phra Buddha Chinnaraj image and the un-decomposed body of LP Ruesi LingDam. Also added were the large meditation and study hall, the beautiful stucco inside the assembly hall, the wood carving panels, only a few of which are remaining and an ancient pulpit built by LP Yai. Opposite the temple the well known LP Ruesi LingDam founded several new places of worshio including an ordination hall with an elabotately decoratyed door and window panels and mural paintings by highly skilled artists.
Luang Phor Ruesi LingDam was a high ranking monk with full monkhood name is Phra Ratchaphrom Yan Nen. LP Ruesi LingDam had been ordained by LP Parn in BE2480 and later became the Abbot of Wat BangNomKho during BE2492-2500.  After that he had made a Dhamma journey to Northern provinces and later settled at the nearly deserted Wat ThaSung in BE2511. The great LP Luesi Lingdam later became the Abbot of Wat Thasung and led people to help construct the temple successfully. LP Luesi Lingdam passed away in BE2435 at the age of 75.
 The old part of temple Ubosot of Wat ThaSung.
 With many sacred Chedi surrounding the Ubosot.
 Inside the prayer Hall.
 The sparkly statue of Phra Thep venerated next to the altar.
 The beautiful Mural painting.
 The sacred relics on the altar.
 The stunning Phra Lersi statue.
 The sacred statues of Mercy Boddhisattvas KuanYin and Mother Goddess venerated at the entrance.
 The sacred Buddha footprint.
 The photo taken with unique Phra Buddha statues.
 The another altar with Main Buddha statues.
 The sacred Wealthy Frog supported the stone footprint of Phra Buddha.
 The mirror mosaics Wiharn at the temple compound.
 The inside Wiharn with the main altar.

 The close view of wax statue LP Ruesi LingDam and portrait of his master ~ LP Parn (Wat BangNomKho). LP Ruesi LingDam had mastered the wicha from LP Parn and he also the first disclosed Luang Phor Parn's biography to the public, and most of LP Parn's biographical content we know were from his mouth. And also it was he who taught the Rich Katha to his disciples and devotees.
 The area of amulet counter of Wat ThaSung.
 The photo taken at amulet counter with the sparkly Phra Cinnaraj statues.
 The whole Wiharn wall with mirror mosaics.
 The sacred portrait of LP Ruesi LingDam.
 The photo taken with wax statue of LP Ruesi LingDam, Phra Buddha, Arahant and past abbot statues.
 The another part inside the wiharn.
The restoration the temple building.
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