Monday, October 10, 2016

Wat ThaSung ~ LP Ruesi LingDam - Golden Castle Prasat ThongKam ~ Uthai Thani Of Thailand (Part 2/3).

Across the street there is divided old part and new part of the temple Wat ThaSung. Part 1 we shared the old part with Ubosot Mai and Part 2 we will share the new part of the temple Wat ThaSung ~ The Golden Castle ThongKham and later in Part 3 we will share the Phra Wiharn Kaew (Crystal Temple).
 The whole map of Wat ThaSung with road divide the old and new part of the temple. The first location of the temple (old part) was on the bank of Sakae Krang River.
 The Golden Castle Prasat ThongKam.
 And the opposite Golden Castle is the White Wiharn building of Wat ThaSung.
 The photo taken with Golden Castle of Prasat ThongKam.
 The Like the name reveals it is a completely golden castle. There are no statues venerated inside as it is just a Golden Castle. It does have lovely carved doors and the walls, pillar and ceiling are beautifully decorated with gold foil.
 Photo taken with one of the carved door inside the Golden Castle Prasat ThongKam.
 The front side of Golden Castle Prasat ThongKam is surrounded with Wall Of Phra Buddha Statues and another side is walkway to Phra Wiharn Kaew.
 Near the Phra Wiharn Kaew is surrounded by the Wall of Phra Buddha Statues.
 The Gate lead to Phra Wiharn Keaw.
 Another Wiharn just locate front side of Phra Wiharn Kaew. We will share more photos for Phra Wiharn Kaew in Part 3.
The temple compound was hold the school event of Thai Classical Dance.
 The event was performed in front side of Phra Wiharn Keaw and also statues of past King.
 Crowded by local people for the event.
 The road in between the temple to divide old part and new part of Wat ThaSung.
 The garden and pond located at new side of temple.
 The wall of Phra Buddha statues by surrounding along the Garden.
The new building in progress for Wat ThaSung.
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