Friday, October 21, 2016

Meet LP Thuam ~ Wat Srisuwan - The Famous Anchor Temple ~ Surat Thani Thailand.

The province of Surat Thani, also shortened to 'Surat' is the popular place with beautiful islands, an interesting history, temples and handicrafts and is worth visiting if you're making trip with it neighbours province. Today, we will focus at temple Wat Srisuwan and LP Thuam, a senior monk in southern Thailand.
LP Thuam ~ the abbot of Wat Srisuwan, he was born in year BE2465 in Surat Thani and got ordained on 4 June BE2492 at Wat Srisuwan when he was 27 years old. Today LP Thuam with Phansa monkhood 67 years and this year BE2559 is 94 years old. He is one of the senior Top Monks at Surat Thani and many devotees admire and respect him. He studied dhamma and learnt wicha from LP Thay and many southern guru monks. One of the icon for temple Wat Srisuwan is the Anchor statue and his Anchor image amulets.
 The photo taken at front side of the Wiharn building of Wat Srisuwan and the Anchor statue.
 The stair handle with Deity Face of Phayanak.
 The portrait of LP Thuam and the door plated with Gold Foil and LP Thuam statue venerated inside the Wiharn.
 The sacred and famous Anchor Statue of Wat Srisuwan.
 The main Ubosot of Wat Srisuwan.
 The past guru monks statues is venerated inside the shrine, next to the Ubosot.
 The Ubosot surrounding view and the entrance.
 The main altar with venerated the beautiful Phra Cinnaraj statue and mural painting on the wall.
 The bell tower.
 One of the temple gate for Wat Srisuwan.
 The temple building and the 'Long Boat' for competition.
 The small shrine for Ancestor and Phra Lersi.
 The banner of new amulets released and temple compound areas.
 The amulet counter of Wat Srisuwan.
 The sacred and beautiful statues of Phra SangKaChai and standing Phra Sivali.
 The portrait of LP Thuam.
 The photos taken with LP Thuam. This year LP Thuam is 94 years old and look strong.
The crematorium hall.
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