Friday, July 1, 2016

Meet With LP Yai (LP SomPorn) The Master Of Leklai ~ Wat Phra Thamyannamunee & Leklai Museum.

The morning started with a trip to the sacred amazing protective powers of Leklai by LP Yai ~ Wat Phra Thamyannamunee. Here also located the Leklai Museum and also place for practices meditation.
 LP Yai ~ (known as Phra Ajahn SomPorn) is abbot of Wat Phra Thamyannamunee, Nakhom Pathom province. LP Yai is dedicated to built Wat Phra Thamyannamunee with many meditation building in the temple compound area. He has deep magical knowledge of Leklai (supernatural mineral) and consecrated in amulets for competence to help devotees.
 The photo taken in front of the double storey building of Leklai Museum.
At ground floor is place to keep the raw leklai.
 The collection of Rae Minerals of Leklai.
 And also sacred wood newdam and herbs.
 The center of the Museum.
 The banner of event ceremony by LP Yai.
 Here is first floor of the Leklai Museum with display a lot of leklai amulets and statues.
 Many sacred leklai statues in shape image of Phra Buddha, LP Yai image and others.
 The main altar at first floor of the Leklai Museum.
 Another altars for the sacred Phra Buddha statues and Leklai.
 The Leklai appeared in various shapes included a capsule, a drop, a fang and a sugar palm fruit. Leklai is a Mysterious Sacred substance which is a metallic element with a life of its own. Leklai is considered a living being of the Deva~Deity, who has been driven to be born on earth and is subject to having to eat (honey) and excrete (Khee Leklai) residue. Leklai is something which will protect who carries it from guns or sharp objects (such as knife or sword), and all other harmful weapons and some people believe that Leklai is indestructible and immortal (Adamantine).
The amulet counter.
LP Yai ~ also known as LP Somporn, the great master of Leklai.
LP Yai reblessed the laklai that I obtained.
LP Yai is showing how Leklai can protect from fire.
Photo taken with LP Yai.
The unique building for practicing meditation.
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