Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Visited Wat Ariyakiri ~ Phra PhutthaMetta AriyaMongkhun & Garden Dhammacark Mettadham - Kelantan - Malaysia (Part 2/2).

The new building of Taman Dhammacark Mettadham and new Phra Buddha PutthaMetta AriyaMongkhun statue located behind the main prayer Wiharn of Wat Ariyakiri. The opening event and dhamma talk occurred on June 2016.
Very beautiful of Taman Dhammacark Mettadham.
The chedi of 'Borobudur' style.
The photo taken at front side of colourful Garden Dhammacark Mettadham.
The sacred White Phra Buddha image statue.
The sacred and beatiful Phra Buddha PutthaMetta AriyaMongkhun at top side the Garden Dhammacark Mettadham.
The fountain and small pond.
The close view of the wall.
The vast land behind the Taman Dhammacark Mettadham.
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