Saturday, January 30, 2016

Visiting Wat Prai Pattana ~ The Undecayed Body Of LP Suang (Part 3).

LP Suang is one of Thailand's Ariya Sangha (high Sangha), whose story is timeless and amazing. LP Suang was unambitiousness monk and living in simple life as monk. Nowadays, LP Suang’amulets are rare to find and expensive because the supernatural powers from the amulet and LP Suang created the amulet in a few items. That's why many fake amulets of LP Suang was created. Now in temple Wat Prai Pattana, only have the new batch amulets for memorial LP Suang is issued and available.
The main altar inside the Sala and have LP Suang Wax statue in middle.
 The standing statue of LP Suang.
 The glass coffin of LP Suang and his undecayed body.
 More photos for undecayed body of LP Suang.
 Inside the sala with altar of Phra Buddha statues and monk blessing place.
 The top part of Chedi (for future applying on top building) and LP Suang statue.
 Front side of the sala.
The sema stone for future ubosot.
Temple amulet counter.
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