Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Kruba BoonChum ~ Wat Thong Nen - The Blessing Ceremonies At Chiang Saen Wat ThongNen BE 2559.

We're sharing the latest ceremonies hold by Kruba BoonChum at Wat ThongNen for consecrated the new statue of Phra Buddha and new amulets. Nowadays, seldom to see Kruba BoonChum come back to Wat ThongNen because now all the time Kruba BoonChum reside at temple Wat Phrathat Dong Reung - Myanmar.
 Kruba BoonChum open the ceremony with blessing mantra.
 The new installed big statue of Phra Buddha at Wat ThongNen.
 The local and oversea devotees.
 The night event ceremony with big Phra Buddha statue and below the big statue was the new released Phra Buddha SungKen and amulets.
 Kruba BoonChum is pouring Holy Water from the pot with blessing mantra.
Crowded with devotees.
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