Saturday, January 16, 2016

Visiting Wat Prai Pattana ~ The Temple Wiharn 'Prang Style' For Honoring LP Suang (Part 2).

The legendary monk ~ LP Suang, born in Cambodia and believed by many people that Lp Suang is over 500 years old, for which reason ha has a nickname “Lp Suang Ha Roy Phi – Jam Wat Tua Jakrawan” (Lp Suang 500 years old). There are many wonderful stories of LP Suang amulets such as Phra Pidta made from bagasse that there was tested the power of the Phra Pidta by shooting into it but the gun can’t shoot. Nowadays, amulets of LP Suang are rare and expensive because of the supernatural power of the amulet. LP Suang passed away on the 8th September BE2542.
 The spectacular view of Wiharn 'Prang Style' to honoring LP Suang. Now the temple abbot ~ LP Yai is supervise project building the Wiharn.
The photo taken with the wiharn.
The entrance with many rooster along the stairway.
The sacred statue of LP Suang.
The 'gong' was inside the wiharn.
The temple surrounding.
The beautiful Khmer Art design on the building wall.
More close up view with the Lion Sing Guardian.
The ground floor of the Wiharn.
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