Monday, December 7, 2015

Sacred Temple In Phatthalung ~ The Master Gurus Of Wat Khao Or (Part 3).

Wat Khao Oor is one of the oldest wicha temple in southern Thailand with sacred Holy Cave on the mountain named “Tham Chatthanbanpot” where is used to hold the Holy rites and ceremonies. The legend says that Wat Khao Oor in the past was the place where hermits drilled. Later, it became the center of magic gurus. Those gurus wanted to hand down their knowledge, so they taught magic to people who were interested. Year after year, magic, mantra and herbal medicine spread to people generation by generation.
 The sacred Chedi for past abbot ashes.
 The photo taken with past gurus Monks statues of Wat Khao Oor.
 According history from temple, the past abbot:
1)Phra Ajahn Thong
2)Phra Ajahn Somdet ChaocomThong
3)Phra Ajahn PomThong
4)Phra Ajahn CaiThong
5)Phra Ajahn ThongChan
6)Phra Ajahn Thong NaiTham
7)Phra Ajahn Thong NotTham
8)Phra Ajahn HujanThong
9)Phra Ajahn ThongTao
10)Phra Ajahn Pam
11)Phra Ajahn Glun
12)Phra Ajahn Hong.

And for name of master graduated from Wat Khao Oor, Phra Ajahn Yiad~Eiat (Wat Donsala), Phra Ajahn Nam (Wat Donsala), Phra Ajahn Singern (Wat Donsala), LP Kron~ Tok Raja (Wat Uttamaram), Ajahn Khun Pan, Ajahn Chum Chaikeree, Phra Ajahn Khong (Wat Bansuan), LP Kloy (Wat PukalThong) and many many more.
 The statues of Mae Thorani and Reclining Buddha were venerated near the cave entrance.
 The place for lit firecracker.
 The entrance to cave Tham Chatthanbanpot and with statues of Phra Sivali and Phra Lersi.
 Devotees pay respect in front statue of Phra Ajahn ThongTao.
 The photo taken with statue of Phra Ajahn master.
 The line of Phra Buddha statues inside the cave.
 The place for mixed up the Holy powder in the past.
 The sacred Phra Buddha statue inside the cave.
The limestone formed of cave Tham Chatthanbanpot.
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