Thursday, December 3, 2015

Sacred Temple In Phatthalung ~ The Famous PutthaKhom Wicha Of Wat Khao Or (Part 1).

Phatthalung is the mountainous city is among the ancient cities in the southern Thailand with Khao Ok Thalu or Mount Ok Thalu, the symbol of the city. Beside the landmark of mount Ok Thalu, if you like visiting temples sure will eagerly to visit famous temple Wat Kao Or (Wat Khao Oor) when have opportunity. I have long been fascinated by the temples and sacred sites in Southern Thailand, Wat Kao Or is one of them.
 The temple Wat Khao Or surrounding with shrines and Hall building.
 The main wiharn of Wat Kao Or.
Here is the main Ubosot of Wat Khao Or and behind it is the sacred hill and ChudTun cave. Later 'part 2' and 'part 3' will share more photos. Inside the Ubosot is venerated the Phra Cinnaraj Buddha and also portrait of Past abbot Phra Ajahn ThongTao.
 Beside the Ubosot also located the Standing Buddha statue with small site of cemetery.
 The shrine of past Abbot, with Phra Ajahn ThongTao statue.
 The amulet counter operate by local folks.
The new shrine of Phra Ajahn statues.
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