Saturday, December 12, 2015

Revisited Wat Uttamaram In Year BE2558 ~ One Of The Oldest Temple In Kelantan ~ The Temple Of Tok Raja LP Kron.

This year BE2558, the day after the celebration of festival Loy Krathong. we went to visited Wat Uttamaram. In the past this temple know as Wat BangSae and we should feel grateful that we have one such miraculous monk Venerable Khron Ratchanaren (Tok Raja). He had dedicated his entire life in spreading Buddhism teachings and helping people from all walks of life.
 Always pose in front the old Ubosot to take photo.
 The Chedi of the late CK Chan.
 The Building Hall of Wat Uttamaram.
 The main Wiharn building.
 Next to the main Wiharn is located the Chedi of Tok Raja - LP Kron.
 The Mondop place for resting.
 The river at backyard of the temple Wat Uttamaram.
 The crowded with devotess at lunch time inside canteen of Wat Uttamaram.
 The Siam Language School at Wat Uttamaram.
 The huge Hall of Wat Uttamaram.
 The photo taken inside the main Wiharn.
 The veneration the Phra Buddha statues with past abbot of Wat Uttamaram.
 Temple amulet counter.
 Almost empty sacred Holy Sand.
 The photo portrait of PT Boon with Phra Somdet Kiew for received the title fan.
 The modern Wiharn.
The shrine and temple gate.
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