Thursday, December 10, 2015

Revisited Wat Uttamaram In Year BE2557 ~ The Temple Of Tok Raja LP Kron.

The famous Wat Uttamaram is one of the oldest Siam Thai temples in Kelantan. It is colorful with very old design for building ubosot of Wat Uttamaram. The temple is definitely a magnificent piece of building that is worth a visit besides viewing or renting of amulets or images. Each year, many devotees from around Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand will come to attend the temple festival like Kathina, Loy Krathong, Wesak Day, Saibat, Songkran, and so others.
 The map location of temple compound Wat Uttamaram.
Tok Raja - Khron Ratchanaren, was born on Thursday December 1, BE2419 (1876). He was sent to Wat Uttamaram by his parents when he was 12 years old to learn Buddhism and Thai language. He stayed with Ajahn Lok who was the temple Chief Abbot at that time. He traveled to Southern Thailand for futher learnt wicha and Pali language. He managed to establish the Thai monastic school (Nakthom) in Wat Uttamaram. Amulets and Tongkats (wands) that he made during his time in charge are still highly valued. He passed away just 15 days short of receiving his Chao Khun title from the King of Thailand.
BE2470 (1927) - Tok was appointed by Phra Khru Ophatbudthakhoon as Phra Palas Thananukrom
BE2476 (1933) - Tok was appointed as Upatchaya
BE2484 (1941) - Tok was appointed as Phra Khru Vicarn
BE2488 (1945) - Tok was appointed as the Chief Abbot of Kelantan State known as Phra Vicaranayanmuni.
 The Chedi of Tok Raja - LP Kron, which contain the ashes of LP Kron. The behind is the sampan boat.
 The old style design of Ubosot with Tiger, Dragon on Pillar and Erawan Elephant.
 The Photos taken in front of the main Ubosot.
 The small shrine of Phra Phrom.
 The temple building Hall and Kuti.
 The Chedi of AhGong - CK Chan, which contain the ashes of CK Chan.
  The Chedi of CK Mit, which contain the ashes of CK Mit.
 The shrine of Phra Lersi.
 The old building, look like emthy.
 At backyard of the temple Wat Uttamaram, the Guardian Tiger facing the river stream.
 The current Abbot of Wat Uttamaram - PT Boon, he led the ceremony at the time during my visited.
 The wiharn with veneration Phra Nak Prok inside.
 The 'pagoda' Shrine of Wat Uttamaram.
The temple gate of Wat Uttamaram.
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