Sunday, April 6, 2014

Wat PetchBuri ~ Temple Journey Photos & LP Hong Passed Away Peacefully BE2557 (Part 3).

After attended the funeral and pay final respect to LP Hong at Wat SusanTungmon, we went to visited LP Hong's previous temple of Wat Petchburi. LP Hong have few temple included Wat SusanTungmon, Wat Petchburi and another samnak temple.
 The temple gate of Wat Petchburi, main temple building Hall and icon of LP Hong statue.
 The crematorium of Wat Petchburi.
 The main building Hall was under renovation progess.
 The pond and gardening.
 The Boddhisattvas Kuan Yin and Phra Nak Prok statues.
 The main Ubosot with Phra Buddha statue.
 The wooden sala.
 The photos taken inside the Sala, so 'empty' the surrounding because many monks and devotees went to Wat SusanTungmon to attend the LP Hong's funeral.
 The Altar, LP Hong's portrait and belonging on display and Phra Buddha statue.
 The another part of wooden sala.
 The Phra Lersi veneration under the tree.
The surrounding of Wat Petchburi.
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