Sunday, April 13, 2014

Visiting LP Lort ~ Wat KhoKrom - The Famous Master For Kongkapan & Metta - Surin Province - Thailand.

Exclusive temple visited and met LP Lort, the famous monk and well known master by local devotees. This temple Wat Khokrom is very far away from town and near border of Cambodia.
 The long way at deep side plantation, artificially-established forest, farm or estate before reaching Wat Khokrom.
 The wooden temple building of Wat KhoKrom.
 The portrait, photos, Titles and the altar.
 The photos of LP Lort received Fan Titles by Somdet Kiew at Bangkok.
 Photos taken with altar of Phra Buddha with Khmer style Phra Buddha.
 The photos of LP Lort with water fountain and banner of new amulets released.
 The temple amulet counter and many sacred Holy amulets and takruts.
 The Hall inside the monastery.
 LP Lort deep chanted for amulets that I obtained.
Photos taken with LP Lort. I asked the local devotees to finding a good monk, many said LP Lort is mastered the powerful KongKapan wicha and also LP Lort have very good metta.
 The old machine for making amulets and still using by temple.
Temple is very far away from downtown and because many monks resided at Wat KhoKrom, the temple have stockpile for daily use.
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