Saturday, April 12, 2014

Khmer Prang Style LP Hong Temple ~ Temple Journey Photos & LP Hong Passed Away Peacefully BE2557 (Part 4).

This is beautiful Khmer Prang style temple and also another temples related to LP Hong, located not far from Wat Petchburi. Futhermore with 2 statues of Icon LP Hong Holding Phayanak Stick image.
 The front side of the Khmer style Ubosot with Prang at the top side.
 The guardians of Tao Wessuwan statues and the pond at front side of the temple.
The Icon of LP Hong holding Phayanak stick and kuti building.
 At the each side of the Ubosot is venerated of 2 statues Icon LP Hong holding Phayanak stick. Here is the photos taken with one of the Icon statue.
 The temple surrounding with Phra Buddha statues.
The back side of the 'khmer' style temple building.
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