Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wat SusanTungmon ~ Temple Journey Photos & LP Hong Passed Away Peacefully BE2557 (Part 2).

    LP Hong was one most respectful guru monk of Thailand, every local and oversea devotees known  him as a great master. He's accurate spiritual visionary and enlighten with happiness and smiling. LP Hongs's amulets and statues were precious Holy items in Thailand and many miracles experienced by devotees from worn amulets by LP Hong. He went prilgrimaged into Cambodia deep jungle and learnt an old ancients art of spells there.
     The canopies tents make outside temple more convenient to devotees to attended the funeral and pay final respect to LP Hong.
     The temple guardians at front side.
     The sacred Phra Buddha Petchburi and late LP Hong's body lay inside the coffin.
     The statues of Mae Thorani venerated beside the main building.
     The main entrance to Wat SusanTungmon.
     The sacred statues of Mae Thorani and Gumanthongs venerated in front the sala of LP Hong.
     The furious wooden Bull.
     The small vihara for many statues veneration inside. 
     The landmark of Khmer Architecture building and the stunning big Golden LP Hong statue standing top of the Khmer Architecture building.
     The closer view of the LP Hong statues.
     The future planning for temple to built the new Khmer style Temple building.
     The scenery view beside the small lake of Wat SusanTungmon.
    The temple Hall building.
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