Sunday, March 16, 2014

Visiting Wat SusanTungmon ~ LP Hong Passed Away Peacefully BE2557 (Part 1).

LP Hong born in year BE2462 March 11 and ordained as novice BE2480 and ordained as monk in year BE2483. He was one of the Top Master monk in Surin province by his skillful Khmer magic wicha. He passed away peacefully on 5th March BE2557.
 Sadly, LP Hong passed away in hospital for old sick.
 I pay my final respect to LP Hong when visited temple on 12nd March BE2557.
 The close view of LP Hong body.
 LP Hong was well-respected as Great Monk in Thailand and included Cambodia. Many flowers was sent here and many devotees from local Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore and others came to pay final respect to LP Hong.
 The view for building surrounding.
The temple building of Wat SusanTungmon with venerated Golden LP Hong statue at top. More temple journey of Wat SusanTungmon and Wat PetchBuri photos in part 2 and part 3.
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