Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Temple Journey At Wat NongJok ~ Luang Phor Yit - The Famous Master For Making Palakit.

LP Yit is one of the most powerful master for making the Palakit and many other amulets. LP Yit has proven to his many devotees of his effectiveness by making the palakit stand up itself while doing chanting with it on his hand. Luang Phor Yit, 9 years old studied Dhamma and Wicha from his uncle Luang Phor Hual and the Tudong journey lasted for 4 years. He left monkhood due to his father's death & returned to his family when he was 14 to support his family farming chores. LP Yit's popularity grew when he reached 17 years of age. He was also seek knowledge from Luang Phor Thongsuk of Wat TanodLuang in Wisha and Dhamma. He began his Tudong for many years soon after he left LP Thongsuk & eventually returned to Wat Na Prom.
Luang Phor Yit was well respected by local devotees and a piece of land 3.3 hectares in size to build a new temple Wat NongJok was given by 2 devotees.
 The temple gate of Wat NongJok.
 The main Ubosot in the center compound of Wat NongJok.
 The Vihara and with LP Yit statue venerated inside.
 Photo taken with LP Yit statue and Phra Buddha Footprint.
 The main Sala with banner of LP Yit - Wat NongJok.
 The closed small Vihara.
 The temple Hall and Bell Tower of Wat NongJok.
 Photos taken inside the building Hall with main Phra Buddha statue and with the big Palakit venerated beside the LP Yit statue.
 Very beautiful Phra Buddha statues.
 Temple counter.
The LP Yit photos and LP Yit master photos.
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