Friday, April 5, 2013

Wat Lahanyai In Rayong - Thailand ~ Meeting With LP Sin.

Wat Lahanyai is among famous temple at Rayong and resided by LP Sin, the abbot of Wat Lahanyai. Take a gentle walk around the temple, you will realized the huge compound and new Ubosot buiding was under construction.
 Temple Gate of Wat Lahanyai.
 The Sala building to meet LP Sin.
The small altar inside the Sala.
 The clock and the certificates of rank title promoted by LP Sin.
 Local devotee was there met up with LP Sin, while I waiting my turn. LP Sin is a Top Monk at Rayong province, he went to learnt Wicha with LP Tim Isariko, LP Pheng, LP Lard and others.
 LP Sin rebless the sacred amulets for me.
 The temple amulets counter.
 The Bell Tower and the temple entrance gate.
 Wat Lahanyai raise funds for built this new Ubosot building.
 The new building Hall of Wat Lahanyai.
The Old Ubosot building and Phra Chedi at side of Wat Lahanyai.
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