Sunday, April 7, 2013

Revisited Wat Mai Amatarot In Year 2013 ~ BangKhunProm In Bangkok - Thailand.

I revisited again Wat Mai Amatarot in early dawn day. We got up before dawn and came to Wat Mai, also known as Wat BangKhunProm to started my temple's journey of the day.
 The main temple gate was open, but building doors was not open yet because too early of dawn day. I took some photos around while waited its open.
 We pay respect to Phra Buddha statues first at outside of buidings Wat Mai.
 The Ubosot and past Abbot of Wat Mai was venerated at front side the Ubosot building.
 The photos taken with main Phra Buddha statue inside Ubosot of Wat Mai. Because the dawn day, the lamp is still on and photos were little dark.
 The display of completed set Phra Somdej BE2500, BE2509, BE2517, BE2531 and other moulds and Rians too. Enjoyed 
 The display of Somdet Putthacharn Toh Bucha BE2509 & BE2517, Phra Buddha Bucha BE2531, Holy Water Bowl BE2539. Enjoyed.
The temple amulets counter.
See more amulets from Wat Mai Amatarot at:

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