Saturday, September 29, 2012

Wat SridonMoon In ChiangMai - Thailand ~ Temple Of Kruba Noi (Part 3).

Wat SridonMoon have a huge temple compound and this time, I will sharing the photos of temple's front side. At this quarter, you can visiting the temple Ubosot, Vihara, meeting Kruba Noi, renting amulets and many many more interesting items.
 The temple gate of Wat Sridoonmoon.
 The Golden Chedi of Wat Sridoonmoon.
 The main Ubosot with beautiful crafted Mural on wall and doors.
 The small Vihara and new Ubosot building.
 The veneration of Phra Upakut, Phra Sivali and Phra SangKaChai.
 The wooden Vihara where you shall seeking Kruba Noi. But now is under renovation, for temporary Kruba noi will 'moved' to other building to meet up devotees.
 The Phra Buddha veneration inside the tented.
 The big banner of new amulets released.
 The amulets counter and variety of Holy items.
 The building Hall with many old items kept inside.
 Inside this building also venerated the beautiful 'White Jade' of Phra Upakut, Phra Sivali, Phra SangKaChai and Phra Buddha with wax statues of Kruba Noi's master.
 The old Holy items were kept here for display like amulets, mould of amulets and items belonging to past master.
 Meeting with Kruba Noi.
These photos were hang inside the tented of amulets counter. We could see the photos of Supreme Patriach and Royal visited to Wat Sridoonmoon and met Kruba Noi.
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