Monday, September 17, 2012

Wat SridonMoon In ChiangMai - Thailand ~ Chedi Of Kruba Noi's 9 Masters (Part 2).

Wat SridonMoon have a huge temple compound and this time, I will sharing the photos of temple's backward. At the back side is the place where Kruba Noi venerated his 9 Top Master statues inside the new Chedi Building.
A long pathway of the backward temple of Wat SridonMoon.
Along the pathway were built the Garden and some new Hall in construction progress.
In the middle of pathway to the Chedi, was venerated the Phra Buddha with Phra Upakut statues.
The Chedi Building still in construction progress.
The eye of the PhayaNak - Naga and the art work on the stairs.
The Triple Gem of Buddha were venerated below the Chedi and surrounding by statues of Kruba Noi's 9 Master.
The Mural painting inside the Chedi Building.
Kruba Noi learnt a lot Visha and Dhamma from his 9 master:
1.Kruba Pad
2.Kruba InnGiao
3.Kruba Un Reng
4.Kruba PahomMa
5.Kruba Chao siwichai
6.Kruba LaDatid
7.Kruba Kanpan
8.Kruba Chaiyahwongsa
9.Phraku Salagonma.
Kruba Noi is Top Master in ChiangMai and now is abbot of Wat Sridonmoon. Kruba Noi spent his youth as a monk and always went to Tudong in deep of the jungle to praticed Dhamma. Along the way, he met a lot of good master and learnt Visha and Dhamma under them.
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