Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wat SridonMoon In ChiangMai - Thailand ~ Meeting Kruba Noi (Part 1).

Kruba Noi a renowned master in Chiang Mai - northern Thailand. Kruba Noi (real name is Plasit GongKam) was born in year BE2494. When Kruba Noi was born, his body was umbilical cord wrapped. According Northern Thailand legend, he will a Buddhist monk and successor of Buddha. When he was 7 years old, he has been sent to temple to learnt Dhamma with Kruba Pad. Therefore he ordained a monk in year BE2507 by name Noi when he was 20 years old. He went to learnt many Dhamma and Visha from 9 Top masters.
 Photos taken with Kruba Noi.
 Kruba Noi in deep consecrated the Holy amulets and Bucha. He took a long time for blessed the Holy items.
 Kruba Noi was applied the Holy powder to the Phra Upakut bucha.
 I received the blessing from Kruba Noi.
 Again, Kruba Noi applied the Holy powder to the other amulets.
 I received the the blessing amulets.
 I also obtained the sacred Copper Yant sheets, the Hand Write Yant by Kruba Noi. All the Copper Yant Sheets were applied Holy powder by Kruba Noi one by one.
 Again, photo taken of me with Kruba Noi.

Received Holy Rope blessing from Kruba Noi - Wat SridonMoon.
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