Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Wat Phra Prangmuni - The Beautiful Prang Chedi Temple And Makaliporn - Singburi - Thailand.

Wat Phra Prangmuni is located opposite the shrine Phra Phrom Thewalai at Singburi. Local Thai will called this temple as "Wat Prang" because of  this temple is famous for Khmer style Pagoda - Phra Prang.
 The temple gate of Wat Phra Prangmuni.
 The 9 storey tall of Prang Pagoda building of Wat Phra Prangmuni.
 The sacred Golden Reclining Phra Buddha. Wat Phra Prangmuni is remarkably gold color for whole temple when reflecting the sunlight.
 Photo taken with the 9 storey tall of Golden Prang pagoda. Around the Prang pagoda are many statues of deity, such as Brahma, Guan Yin, Tao Wessuwan, Phra Rahu, Katyayana, and Mae Nang Kwak.
 The temple crematorium.
 More venerated statues of Phra Buddha, Phra Sangkachai and many more. Temple Wat Phra Prangmuni is also famous for real Makaliporn 'body'. Now is safe kept by temple abbot. Is too late for us asked to see it, because temple visiting time is closed. The sacred makaliporn was originally belonged by LP Jaran of Wat Ampawan. The sacred makaliporn drawing too much attention and disturbing the peace of the Vipassana practitioners in Wat Ampawan, finally LP Jaran decided to have them kept in Wat Phra Prangmuni instead.
Small shrine for Luang Por Yen image and the ancient stucco statue of Luang Por Khao and Luang Por Nak. There is no clear evidence about who established the temple and when it was established.
 Photo taken inside shrine with Phra Buddha statues.
Next to the pond with statues venerated below the tree.
The pond with fishes at Wat Phra Prangmuni.
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