Thursday, May 31, 2018

Wat PhaNiangTek ~ The Old-Time Great Master LP Tah & Present Abbot LP ThongKam - Nakhon Pathom - Thailand (Part 2/2).

In part 2 we sharing more photos inside prayer hall of Wat PhaNiangTek. Currently temple proceed to built Biggest LP Tah statue in Thailand.
The photos of “The Legend of Invulnerability” LP Tah ~ a former abbot of Wat PhaNiangTek, Nakhon Pathom province was one of the famous old-time monk in Thailand history. He was contemporary with LP Ngern of Wat BangKlan, Phichit province. When being alive, LP Tah was always invited to joined important ceremony blessing for Phra Kring Pawaret and Royal Blessing Phra Kring SuanTow in reign of King Rama 5. Having most glory during BE2400-2459.
 The cartoon image of ship pond and Venerated Phra Buddha at center.
The sacred LP Tah statue in center.
 The long prayer Hall with banner photo of LP Tah's amulets. And another big banner photo of LP Tah and present abbot LP ThongKam.
Variety statues of Phra Rahu and Lersi.
 The Wiharn with venerated Phra Buddha MahaMongkhon Nimit and LP Tah statue.
 Variety old amulets by LP Tah for display.
 Variety Holy items and photo of LP Tah and LP ThongKam (bottom image). LP ThongKam was not around temple during my visited for attended blessing ceremony at other temple.
 Amulets counter of Wat PhaNiangTek and temple photo taken with temple helper.
 Another small altar inside the prayer hall.
 The veneration of Wax statue LP Tah and Golden Phra Buddha statue.
 The sacred mask of Lersi, deity and others.
Another side with more statues venerated on altar.
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