Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Revisited In Year BE2556 ~ Met LP Yeam Of Wat Sam Ngam - Thailand (Part 1/2).

These photos is recall back year BE2556 when visited again to Wat Sam Ngam (when LP Yeam was still alive and healthy - "LP Yeam passed away peacefully in year BE2560 Aug 27th"). In part 1 we will see more photos for temple surrounding and part 2 for small 'Museum' of Wat Sam Ngam.
 The temple gate of Wat Sam Ngam.
 The main Wiharn hall building of Wat Sam Ngam, where we can meet LP Yeam and obtain GumanThong here.
 More temple building at Wat Sam Ngam.
 The prayer hall with venerated LP Tae statue and big GumanThong statue.
 Photos taken with LP Tae statue and GumanThong statue.
 Temple amulet counter.
 Photo taken with great master LP Yeam - Wat Sam Ngam.
LP Yeam of Wat Sam Ngam - Nakhon Pathom province. He was born in year BE2458 and passed away in year BE2560 at age 102 years old. LP Yeam was ordained at the age of 23 and has been studied the art of making efficacious GumanThong wicha from LP Tae (Wat Sam Ngam). LP Yeam is only one who succeeds in making the GumanThong from LP Tae.
 The new batch GumanThong (that year is BE2556) from Wat Sam Ngam - LP Yeam.
 Photos for event by LP Yeam ~ Wat Sam Ngam.
 The big Hall and sacred Bell Tower of Wat Sam Ngam.
 The stall for selling fishes.
 The back side Wat Sam Ngam with river and graveyard.
 LP Yeam having lunch at noon time with his disciple. Monks only having one time meal for whole day.
LP Yeam's disciple also in helping for rebless GumanThong, since LP Yeam getting advanced old age.
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