Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Wat PhaNiangTek ~ The Old-Time Great Master LP Tah & Biggest LP Tah Statue - Nakhon Pathom - Thailand (Part 1/2).

One of the famous temple in Nakhon Pathom with rich history of old-time Great master LP Tah ~ Wat PhaNiangTek. LP Tah was also the first master of LP Tae ~ Wat Sam Ngam (BE2434-BE2524), the creator of the original Gumanthongs. LP Tah was born in Ratchaburi province, BE2366, the reign of King Rama 3 and got ordained in Buddhism at age 15. He passed away in year BE2463.
The temple Wat PhaNiangTek.
 The old-time photo of LP Tah (center) at top photo and another photo of LP Tah with current abbot Wat PhaNiangTek ~ LP ThongKam (below photo).
 The sacred Shrine of Phra SangKaChai and Bell tower of Wat PhaNiangTek.
 More building Hall of Wat PhaNiangTek.
 The main Wiharn and with shrine at front side.
 The small wiharn for LP Phayong, disciple of LP Tah and Phra Buddha statue at back.
 The main Ubosot, view from wiharn building.
The red pillar wiharn.
 More shrine near the Wiharn with Mercy Guan Yin and LP Tah statue.
 Wat PhaNiangTek is proceed to cast the biggest LP Tah statue in Thailand and will be build in Wat PhaNiangTek.
 The sample 3D model for the Biggest statue of LP Tah.
The school (if i'm not mistake) of Wat PhaNiangTek.
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