Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Visiting Wat Banden ~ Kruba Tuang - The Remarkable Grand Blue Temple With Teak Wooden Wiharn (Part 2/3).

In Part 2, we see one of the more imposing structures of the Wat Banden is a very large Lanna style teak wood viharn with a three tiered roof. The Wiharn is an attractive building with its blue roof and golden barge boards, decorated with intricate wood carvings.
 The Blue Roof wiharn of Wat Banden ~ Grand Blue Temple.
 The large Wooden Pillar with decorated painting on it and venerated Phra Buddha statue along the hall.
 The photo of Kruba Boonchum and Kruba Tuang.
 Photo taken inside the Wiharn and background view of another Wiharn of Blue Roof with  white concrete platform.
 The main altar of Wat Banden.
 The photo taken in front the main Phra Buddha and monks statues.
 The big Wooden carvings statues of Phra Buddha.
 The statues of Phra Buddha stand on ground Wiharn.
 The panaroma view inside the Wiharn.
 The former abbot  Kruba Thueang Natsilo's statue, if i not mistake.
 Photos of Abbot Kruba Tuang ~ Wat Banden, has completely renovated the Wat Banden and added a number of impressive structures.
The sacred amulet collection in counter Wat Banden.
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