Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Revisited Wat Chedi BE2559 (November) For Obtained New Batch AiKhai ~ Wat Chedi (Wat Jadee).

After booked order in September BE2559, we went again (November) to temple Wat Chedi (Wat Jadee) for took the new amulets and buchas for AiKhai BE2559. In November always a wet weather at southern Thailand. Here we sharing the photos.
 Here is mine sacred Aikhai statues.
 A lot of order book for waiting the owner come to obtain their sacred Aikhai statue.
 This new Ubosot of Wat Jadee is almost complete.
 Selfie with the new Ubosot.
 The temple building of Kuti and another Hall building in process construction.
 One of the popular icon of temple Wat Jadee is the Rooster sculptures.
 Selfie with the Rooster sculptures.
 In previous posted, we noticed the main Aikhai altar was moved to new building hall. Here we came again to pray to Aikhai for good luck.
 Many devotees in early morning and the sacred Aikhai statues.
 At the entrance have venerated the 2 portraits of Aikhai.
 The banner of new Aikhai statues and amulets.
 The firecrackers.
Another new building hall is ready.
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