Monday, May 16, 2016

Wat Pak Khlong Makham Thao ~ The Temple Of LP Suk - The Main Wiharn With Shrine Of LP Suk & LP Samran (Part 2/3).

The legends of LP Suk ~ Wat Pak Khlong Makham Thao, the most famous with many witnesses who saw the event were transformed elephants belonging to some arrogant merchants into houseflies, transformed banana blossoms to be rabbit and transformed a man into a crocodile. Futhermore, he had many disciples included HRH Prince Chumpon (son of King Rama V), founder of the Thai Navy.
LP Suk went to studied the Wicha magic arount Thailand and came back to Chainat ~ Wat Pak Khlong Makham Thao to became as temple abbot. His master included from top monk LP Poeng from Wat Chinwanaram, LP Thaow from Wat Hong and LP Choen from Wat Poh Thong Lang.
 The main wiharn of Wat Pak Khlong Makham Thao, many local devotees came for pay respect to LP Suk, LP Samran & HRH Prince of Chumphon (son of King Rama V).
 The main Phra Buddha statue at center of wiharn.
 The shrine of LP Suk and LP Samran and portrait of HRH Prince of Chumphon. LP Samran is disciple of LP Suk and also past abbot of Wat Pak Khlong Makham Thao after LP Suk.
 The wax statues of LP Suk.
 Here the small Museum collection of temple and Artifacts of LP Suk.
 More items of collection and included past abbot statues, Phra Buddha statues and skull of Crocodile.
 Very crowded with devotees at amulet counter.
 The current abbot LP Thuan of Wat Pak Khlong Makham Thao.
 Photo taken with LP Thuan.
LP Thuan in deep consecrated blessed the buchas and amulets for me.
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