Thursday, May 12, 2016

Wat Pak Khlong Makham Thao ~ The Temple Of LP Suk - The New Statue Of LP Suk (Part 1/3).

Like many other temples, Wat Pak Khlong Makham Thao is an old temple with famous of highly revered monk LP Suk. This temple was situated at the mouth of the river Khlong Makham Thao with the shady temple offers a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, which is created by the scenery, mountains and mural paintings. The murals were made by Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udomsak, the father of the Thai navy.
The temple gate of Wat Pak Khlong Makham Thao.
Currently temple Wat Pak Khlong Makham Thao, abbot LP Thuan, built the new statues of LP Suk, LP Samran and 'Father of the Thai navy', HRH Prince of Chumphon. Temple Wat Pak Khlong Makham Thao also issued new batch amulets to raise fund for this project.
Close view for the standing statues of highly revered LP Suk, LP Samran and HRH Prince of Chumphon.
The old Chinese Temple at side.
The temple surrounding and car park compound of Wat Pak Khlong Makham Thao.
The walking path to main prayer hall and Ubosot.
The statue of 'Father of the Thai navy', HRH Prince of Chumphon. 
The temple wiharn.
The main prayer Hall building of Wat Pak Khlong Makham Thao with many collection of Artifacts and other objects of Wicha Book and Historical of LP Suk.
The small Chedi Shrine building.
The opposite side of temple where HRH Prince of Chumphon learnt the wicha skill from LP Suk.
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