Friday, March 25, 2016

The Museum ~ Wat Chedi Hoi ~ LP Thong Kleang - Part (2/2).

Here we are enjoyed the photographic pleasure with stunning Chedi of Gigantic Oyster Fossil and now part (2/2), we are free to walk around with the most amazing collection Museum for Buddha images, artwork, antiques, and many old utensils such as Sam Khok water jars, pottery and engraved wood.
The giant Rooster, next to the Museum.
The sacred Phra Buddha MongKhon Nimit of Wat Chedi Hoi.
The Phra Rahu statue, Naga Phayanak statue and many of other.
The wax statue of LP Thong Kleang.
Many of shell collection inside the Museum and with giant 'money cage'.
Very amazing collection of huge size Oyster fossil.
More collection of pottery, energy stone and shell.
The tree trunk.
The art of engraved wooden chair.
The Elephant's bone.
The Phra Buddha, Phra Lersi, Nang Kwak and other statues.
The Elephant bone and wooden Palakit tree.
More big statues.
Wooden chair.
The amulet counter of Wat Chedi Hoi.
The small house for Phra Lersi & Mae Deity.
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