Thursday, March 24, 2016

Chedi Of Gigantic Oyster Fossils ~ Wat Chedi Hoi ~ LP Thong Kleang - Part (1/2).

Wat Chedi Hoi are popular & unique with large number of gigantic fossils oyster shells, which are aged millions of years. They were used to build the chedi at the entrance of and in the temple. The shells are called 'Hoi' in Thai language and that is how the monastery got its temple name. Furthermore, the the temple has a Museum for collection of Buddha images, artwork, antiques, and many old utensils such as Sam Khok water jars, pottery and engraved wood. An herb garden as well as turtle and fish ponds provide scenic spots to relax and even feed the animals.
The entrance side of Wat Chedi Hoi with Chedi of Gigantic Oyster Fossils and Giant Roosters. The oyster shells were discovered accidentally during the construction of the temple during 1983 by LP Thong Kleang. Then, the excavation continued for another 12 years uncovering more and more shells, some of them are a foot long. These shells are in various shapes and colors and LP Thong Kleang did not know what to do with the shells so he used them to build a chedi that sits right in front of the temple. Even after this, a sizeable amount of oyster shells were remaining so that abbot went one step further and built another chedi inside the temple.
The new Ubosot of Wat Chedi Hoi.
More stock for Gigantic Oyster Fossils and sacred 9pcs Luk Nimit Ball ready for future Ubosot bury stone ceremony.
More view for the Ubosot of Wat Chedi Hoi.
The main Phra Buddha Nimit venerated inside the Ubosot.
The new 'chedi' building under construction process.
More stock for Gigantic Oyster Fossils for future development.
Small shrine next to the construction site.
The fish ponds and temple surrounding of Wat Chedi Hoi.
The portraits and photos of LP Thong Kleang.
The sacred Phra Lersi statues in front the wiharn main altar.
The main altar for Wiharn Hall.
Suppose place for flowers bathing.
Filled the altar with sacred statues and object.
Photo taken with LP Thong Kleang, the abbot of Wat Chedi Hoi.
The small Chedi with Gigantic Oyster Fossils is inside the temple compound.
Close view the Gigantic Oyster Fossils, calculated to be millions of years old.
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