Saturday, December 27, 2014

Wat TanJetYod - The Temple With Big Statues Toh Phromrangsri & LP Ngern With Mountain SamRoiYod.

Wat TanJetYod is located at Prachuap KhiriKhan, Samroiyod district and is famous for big statues of Somdet Putthajarn Toh (Toh Phromrangsri) and LP Ngern statue. Wat Intharawihan (Bangkhunprom) also issued Phra Somdej BE2547 for helped to raised fund for built the big Somdet Putthajarn Toh statue at temple Wat TanJetYod.
 Here is the Big statue of Somdet Putthajarn Toh, venerated at the roof building. Beside the stairway is statue of Jatukham Ramathep.
 The sacred Jatukham RamaThep with Nak Prok and Phra Rahu.
 The sala of the temple Wat TanJedYod and banner for built statue of LP Ngern.
 The first floor of the wiharn and at top roof is venerated the big statue of Somdet Putthajarn Toh.
 The photo taken with big statue Somdet Putthajarn Toh.
 The front side also venerated Phra Buddha and master guru monk statues.

 The spectacular view of mountain SamRoiYod, where the Energy stone relics located.
The Ubosot of Wat TanJetYod is surrounding by trees.

 The photos taken with abbot Wat TanJetYod and the surrounding building.
 The another building roof with big statue LP Ngern still in construction.
 The photo taken with Big statue LP Ngern.
 The green garden of Wat TanJetYod also venerated statue LP Liew riding turtle on the pond, Phra Phrom and Phra Ganesha statues.
 The Ubosot of Wat TanJetYod and inside veneration the main Phra Buddha Chinnaraj statue.
 The banner of past event of ceremony hang at front of the amulet counter.
 The amulet counter and the altar.
 The display items of sacred Energy "Arahant Relic Stone" of SamRoiYod.
The surrounding view of temple with Phra Buddha Gautama statue.
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