Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Revisited Wat Donsala BE2557 ~ LP Uthai - The Senior Guru Monk In Southern Thailand.

Wat Donsala currently was proceed some upgrading and restoring temple building under supervising Luang Phor Uthai, the current abbot of Wat Donsala. Therefore, Wat Donsala issued some batches of amulets to raised fund for restoring purpose. Wat Donsala is old temple in Patthalung and also an important temple in southern of Thailand. We always remembered the past abbot of Wat Donsala included LP Yiad (eiat), Ajahn Nam, LP SiNgern and now the present abbot LP Uthai.
 The old style temple gate of Wat Donsala.
 The temple amulet counter.

The temple surrounding.
The temple Hall building.

 The restoring in progress at another temple Hall building. I saw LP Uthai supervision the process of restoring. Soon, we will see the Hall building back to an original condition after the restoring.
 Under upgrading, we managed to took photos from outside building.
 The temple wall and papaya trees.
 The small altar, seat of LP Uthai and amulets counter.
 The photo of LP Uthai.
 LP Uthai walked back from restoring building site. Later, LP Uthai will going to Wat PukalThong to attending ceremony blessing. He was invited to participated the ceremony of batch - Phra Kring Srivichai BE2557 at Wat PukalThong.
We said goodbye to LP Uthai after short conversation and later will meet him at Wat PukalThong in same day because we also going to the ceremony.
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