Wednesday, November 26, 2014

LP Kloy ~ Wat Pukowthong - Revisited In Year 2014 & Attended The Blessing Ceremony For New Phra Kring Srivichai (Part 1).

This year BE2557 Oct 28th was the third and was final grand ceremony for new batch Phra Kring Srivichai that holds at Wat PukalThong. I came early afternoon and noticed early blessing was conducted and still have another blessings for this total third ceremonies for batch Phra Kring Srivichai BE2557. In part 2, we will see more photos for the blessing ceremony.
 After my last visited, temple Wat PukalThong had some upgraded and still have other under restoration process. Here is the temple gate.
 The sacred shrine of Hoonpayon and LP Kloy statue.
 The sacred Phra Sivali statue and shrine.
 The banner of new batch amulets hang at resting booth.
 LP Kloy having his meal. Here is the amulet counter and we can see the banner for batch Phra Kring Srivichai BE2557.
 Photo taken with LP Kloy, this batch Phra Kring Srivichai was to raise money for temple restoration and used on treatment for LP Kloy due to illness of LP Kloy.
 The early noon of blessing ceremony and temple Ubosot surrounding.
 Photo taken with Ajahn Subin.
 Inside the Ubosot and photo taken with the amulets for batch Phra Kring Srivichai BE2557.
 The open ceremomy was started first, later many Top Monks will participate at final Grand Ceremony.
 The sacred Holy stuff was well prepared for the ceremony.
 The sacred balls Luknimit for main Ubosot. This sacred Ball Luknimit ceremony will conduct next year for drop in its pit at the Ubosot.
The main altar inside the Hall building with veneration of Phra Buddha statues. Many Top monks were arrived and all devotees gather here to met them before ceremony start.
 The photos taken with LP Maha Surasak of Wat Pradoo and LP Ran of Wat KanNai.
 LP Uthai and LP Surasak walked to the Ubosot for starting the ceremony soon.
The ceremony will starting soon. The monks take the seat and surrounding the sacred amulets. We will see more photos in part 2.
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